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Summer 2017


Our story…

Camden HIll Road

Over the years we’ve worn many hats: restaurateur, bartender, partner, apprentice, art student, waiter (strangely enough, straight after art school), small business owner, designer, trainee, parent. We’ve worked with beer, bikes, art, guns, hair, and cheese. And yet through it all one thing has remained the same: we are anglers.

Camden was born in our backyards. From lousy days returning home with empty bags and tangled lines, to the ones that live forever in our memories.

The never-ending tales shared with friends over beers to the stillness of a perfect spring evening, and long wet winters thumbing through well-worn books in a bid to feel closer to the water.

At the heart of Camden are great friends, a love for fly-fishing and most of all, a wish that the season would never end.

Thank you for visiting Camden. Our site is a space to share the love of angling, the things we’ve learnt and are yet to learn, and to showcase the beauty of our Tasmanian home. It’s a place to be when for whatever reason, the water is just too far away.

Paul and Marcus

The Season never ends