Marcus with a lovely Penstock Brownie.

I grew up on a family farm just downstream from the Camden Rivulet, in the north east of Tasmania. Brown trout, green and gold celtas and a small brown dog called Paddy were my daily companions. A pocket knife and an air rifle would join me on my early morning adventures.

Fly-fishing was something that I had dabbled in but never taken too seriously, until one summer’s evening I witnessed my first full-on caddis hatch on the St Patricks River. That changed things. In that brief fluttering moment came a whole world of unlimited possibilities.

Thirty years later I have an even stronger passion for fishing and conservation, and a desire to show Tasmania as I see it; beautiful, wild and offering some of the best dry fly-fishing in the world.


Twigwater does not get any better.

There's a plateau that sits under Mount Barrow in the north east of Tasmania known as The Camden. Here you'll find a tiny mountain stream named the Camden Rivulet, not far from the headwaters of the fine St Patricks River itself.

The land is unusual; a weathered beauty of contradictions, dry and wet, green and brown. The water whispers quietly to you as it licks past the mossy boulders and under Myrtle trees. This… is my place! It's where I found fly-fishing, friendship and myself.

The Camden is home to some of the most pristine water in the world, to sparkling mountain trout, to serenity and most of all to really, really good fly-fishing.

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