People ask me what Camden is all about? And the answer is simple, that's it… simple!

That's what I strive for in my fishing, in my design, in my fly-tying, in fact, all aspects of life. Simple works because it strips away anything that's not necessary. If it doesn't add anything, take it away!

This fly fishing journey has always been about simplicity. Catching a fish on a fly is simple right? Cast the fly in front of the fish and wham! (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek). So why do we—as anglers—go to so much effort to complicate the process?

We all start out with too much gear, too many accessories, too many flies—most of which were designed to fool fishermen, not fish. The very opposite has been true for me. I threw out any unnecessary dangling thingys, hung up the vests and thinned out the fly boxes; T-shirts instead of shirts, bags instead of vests, oars instead of engines.

A funny thing happened along the way—I became a better fisherman. I guess it’s been an evolution of sorts, so I’ve translated my fishing philosophy into a business. It’s really hard to beat a day in a drift boat, casting dries in shorts and T-shirts… it keeps things, well, simple. And that’s what it’s all about for me.


Marcus Saunders

Hello! I'm an art director who makes TV ads, designs things, builds websites, shoots pictures, writes copy and draws stuff.