Welcome to brown town!

Welcome to brown town!

Normally I just want to catch more fish, there I said it. Something happened this season that was different, I found myself wanting to become a better fisherman. I concentrated on casting practice, simplified my fly box and honed my techniques. I tried new things, bought new rods, changed leader and tippet brands. I really mixed everything up. 

I found and fished waters I've never seen before, I walked further, rowed more, explored more and camped more than I ever have before. I began to teach junior how to fly-fish and he's a natural. I guided friends on the water. I persisted when others did not.

Normally I just want to catch more fish…

The result: I caught more fish than any other season, bigger fish than any other and in places most only sight them. I shot some of the best photos of my life. I really pushed myself harder than ever.

The moral, if there is one, is challenge yourself. Every day you leave the house, ask yourself what can I do differently to catch a fish today. Thinking is key to outsmarting the humble trout, that may seem obvious but I’d been a little complacent looking back over the past few seasons, relying on the same waters, same flies and same techniques to catch (possibly) the same fish.

I’ve heard a lot of people at the fishing store say this season was tough. Me, I had the best season of my life. I believed in myself as a fisherman and I can’t bloody wait for the next one!