Marcus is a passionate Tasmanian with a wealth of knowledge about its environment and world-class fisheries. I count myself lucky to have enjoyed some fantastic sessions with Marcus on the famed Western Lakes where Marcus’ deep experience and skill led to some memorable captures. It was a joy to fish from the beautiful hand-crafted drift boat which is itself a testament to his commitment to quality and the finer things in life. 

Do yourself a favour and spend some time with Marcus in the spectacular Tasmanian wilderness sometime soon. I know I will be.

Dan Lovecek
Melbourne, Australia



Most trout anglers dream of fly fishing Tasmania at some stage of their life. Many also aspire to owning a beautiful sounding Hardy fly reel or a handcrafted cane fly rod. And many anglers, if they have similar tastes to me at least, would love nothing more than to fish out of a shallow draft and super stable drift boat. Well I’ve been fortunate to own the first couple of items, and also had the pleasure of fishing with Marcus out of his stunningly beautiful handcrafted drift boat, and it’s every bit up there with any sweet sounding Hardy reel or fine cane rod when it comes to pure fishing pleasure.

If you ever get a chance to fish with Marcus out of his drift boat, grab it. I guarantee you won’t forget the experience in a hurry!

Trevor Hawkins
Victoria, Australia



Marcus has guided me on two memorable occasions – one on a northern river, another on a southern. His encouragement to be patient paid off both times, with many fish to the net as they rose to well selected dry flies. It doesn’t get any better. With Marcus you will get a guide who knows his fishing locations and is, refreshingly, not egotistical. Highly recommended.

Simon Davis
Sydney, Australia


I’ve been on half-a-dozen trips with Marcus and each time has been an absolute pleasure. He has an astonishing knowledge of fly fishing, from fly selection to ironing out that cast to how to spot and land a fish. On top of this, his own eye for spotting rising fish is almost extra sensory!

If anyone is travelling to Tasmania and looking for a guide to help open the door to the wonders of fly fishing, I couldn’t recommend Marcus highly enough.

Timothy Fullwood
Melbourne, Australia